How To Achieve Our Purpose In Life And Improve Our Lives

For a long time, I was thinking about writing a little motivational book, in the way I understand this motivational. Since I saw how much demand there is for this type of book, I told myself that people need to be encouraged, sometimes even taken by the hand. But, from my own life, I understood that sometimes, in order to achieve a goal, we need more than that: we need to know some unwritten laws of life and Divinity. And so this book appeared – more of a brochure – in which I synthesized some extremely simple information, and which was verified in practice.


Ten Habits To Be Successful

Being successful is not a mysterious and complex process, accessible only to a few.
Being successful means only to discover what you can do, but you don’t know you
can, cause you never tried.
Being successful means, in fact, working to become your best version. Cause your best
version can achieve almost anything.
And that, it’s not so hard to do. It only requires time, and preseverence.
And to know a few simple rules.

1.Always know what you want. If you know what you want, and you don’t change
direction along the way, then you have taken the first step to succes.

2.Trust yourself, and what you do. Don’t let anyone tell you you cannot do this, if
you feel like you can. And, if you have a good starting point – which means, a real
basis for your project.

3. Focus mainly on your purpose, and remove the things in your life that can take you
away from it
. Sometimes, you may need to do that only temporary. And that’s an easy
thing when you love your purpose, cause in fact, only the purposes we love and bring
us joy deserve to be pursued.

4. Make order in your life, and arrange things according to their importance to you.
Only be careful not to become too focused on your purpose to see the needs of those
around you.

5. Do not be discouraged at the first obstacle, and don’t give up easily.We say that
there are no smooth paths to the things that are worthwile.

6. Be always open, and ready to learn something new. Do not neglect other things
that could bring you closer to the goal in another way, or could enrich you as a

7.Try to become better every day at what you do, and could bring you closer to your
. Cause perfection is the normal thing, and when you go to perfection, you do
nothing but what is right.

8. Help and encourage others that have a purpose, like you do. When you do good,
you receive good. And as we say, no one is an island.

9. Don’t lose yourself in the process. Always remember who you are, which your
values are, and that the real purpose of every man’s life is to become his best version.
And as Richard Bach’s Seagull says: to be your best Self, or to be perfect, means that
your way of loving anything worth loving becomes perfect.

10. Don’t forget the other important things in life: a warm touch, the look of a child,
the breeze that moves the leaves, the smell of flowers. Cause even if you don’t reach
your purpose, or you reach it just at the end of your life, if you have these, you’ll always be rich.

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